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Check-Check | One – Two

Is thing on?

It’s me, Amanda.

it's me with hearts

I’m kind of what you might refer to as the blogger formally known as High Impact Mom and this is my new playground, my new battle field, soapbox, and home.  While I do plan to start blogging at HIM again soon, I hope this will serve as a safe place for me (and you) to discuss what’s really going on here.  I hope you’ll understand me when I tell you (write you?) blogging here will be different.  A little more brutal, a little more honest, and a lot more me.

In the past five years so much of who I am has changed

…and then changed again.

I hope in this transition to have the courage to write a bit more bare and be a bit more truthful in my storytelling.

I have written here in my notebook that I should tell you a bit about what you can expect to see here…but the truth is I haven’t really hashed it all out.  And if I wait around to hash it all out, I may never blog again.  And that would just suck.

plan for this space to be where I write about life as a freelance writing, digital marketing consultant who loves music and her family…honestly.  Because sometimes I suck…and sometimes life sucks.  But the truth is – I kind of enjoy being surprised by the next chapter.

SO here we go.

The next chapter begins here.

amanda does mini golf


See y'all later!

About It's Me, Amanda

Amanda is a southern belle caffeine addict who spends her tiny amount of free time writing here.


  1. Congrats on creating new digs for yourself! I look forward to “hearing” from you and reading you more often!

  2. Mazel tov on launching your new home :)

  3. Congrats on your new venture!

  4. Congratulations and good luck :)

  5. It’s in the air… I’m so proud of you.

  6. Love that you’ll be opening up and sharing a little of what makes Amanda Amanda, cuz I think she’s pretty terrific. :)

    Looking very sweet so far, and I hope this space becomes everything you want and more.

  7. congrats to you! looking great!

  8. Looking forward to the new site!

  9. Congrats on the new Playground and LOVE the look, color and fonts…. Soo excited and can’t wait to follow your new journey

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