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The moments we miss

back to school
You know, today I took my girls to another Open House at Cburg … but it wasn’t just another Open House.  Because despite the semi-sweet smell of  the new Kindergarten parents – all sweaty and eager to make the best first impression possible(no judging, I was there last year) – and the shine of the freshly painted & waxed floors – soon to be trampled into oblivion once more- this Open House will forever hold an unfamiliar and bittersweet place in my life.  

Don’t get me wrong, I am downright joyous about my girls going back to school this week, but this is the last Open House of KG’s elementary school career.  She, the sweet baby who forever changed my life, is a decade old and will be starting her 5th grade year in just two days.


Inconceivable, even. (any one else hear Inigo Montoya?)

Tonight as I’m snuggling good night to the two most precious things on Earth (when they’re sleeping) and dreaming big dreams with them, my heart swells at the fact that both girls are still eager for my love and individual attention.  After loving on KG and telling her what a blessing she has been to my life, I was moving to get up when her hand shot up and she so sweetly begged me to stay a bit long.

How could I refuse?  Of course, I tell her…to which she replies, “that just made my night” as she snuggled up a little closer.

Well young lady.  That just made mine.

See y'all later!

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  1. My little guy is off to preschool and I find that hard to believe!

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