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Fall Break in Charleston

Today the girls and I arrived in heaven.  Well, the Southern equivalent.  Seriously.

Charleston is a Southern Girl’s Mecca.

Close your eyes.  Go on…I’m gonna wait until you do it.


Okay now, imagine Southern charm, gorgeous historic buildings, melt in your mouth Southern delicacies (like huge homemade cupcakes), and your favorite small people. (Hey! How did you read this if your eyes are closed?)


Yep.  That’s where I’m at.

For the next several days the girls and I are holed up in Charleston’s newest hotel located in the historic district, The Holiday Inn Historic and we’ll be walking the streets of this historic town – soaking up the Southern Hospitality (yes, you capitalize both in this case) and sun.


Today, after getting settled in to our super clean and comfy room (and after I apologized to the valet for my children acting like I never take them into public & tipped him really well), the girls and I headed out on the town to have an adventure.

We walked up and down the historic King’s Street area – taking in the century old sights and enjoying the dulcimer sounds of the true Southern accent (we just have a country one) until we came to our new favorite place: cupcake downsouth.

cupcake downsouth

As you can see the girls were quite impressed with the awesome we found there.

We also spent some time at Marion Park where we encountered the best hula hoop dancers I’ve ever seen…of course they’re the only hula hoop dancers I’ve ever seen…and were thoroughly freaked by the large statue of John C. Calhoun staring down at us.


After our walk, I enjoyed a delicious dinner of tapas at The Meeting Room (I had the Egyptian Hummus and spicy chicken Lettuce Rolls)…the girls were too full from their amazing cupcakes (and cheeseburgers/chicken fingers from The Meeting Room earlier) to enjoy the tastiness.


Now I’m sitting poolside in the middle of October while my sweet girls enjoy the water and warm Charleston air.

Tomorrow will call for more walking and exploring…plus the possibility of donuts downtown, if the girls get up early enough.

Join me tomorrow to see what kind of fun we can get into this week.

See y'all later!

About It's Me, Amanda

Amanda is a southern belle caffeine addict who spends her tiny amount of free time writing here.


  1. Back in the day (B.C. which as we all know means Before Children) I lived just 40 minutes or so North of Charleston. I got to visit the downtown and historic area only once but my oh my… a visit to Charleston is one that lasts a lifetime. I LOVED IT THERE!

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