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Take Your Brand to the Next Level at NMX & Pass Discount Code #NMX

Long considered one of THE conferences for the “professionals” in the digital marketing space, I’m here to tell you NMX is the best place for newbs and veterans to come together for collaboration and learning.  Set under the lights on the United States’ playground, Las Vegas, NMX takes place April 13 – 16, 2015 and is set to blow all of their other years away, in terms of content, learning, and networking opportunities.

Why NMX?  Why not?  Why would you pass up the opportunity to learn from the best and brightest minds in digital?

Blog World Interviews - New Media Expo

Let me just start with the speakers…where else will you have the chance to hear the likes of Dennis MillerDavid Griner, CC Chapman, or Missy Ward?  Not to mention many of my own colleagues (and people I’m lucky enough to call friend) will be speaking: Melanie Nelson, Heather Solos, Kelby Carr, Amy Lupold Bair, Cecily Kellogg, Katja Presnal, and Debba Haupert.

If you’re like me, you’ve attended a lot of conferences and you’ve been blogging for many years (6+ here), so you might wonder the purpose of attending another, admittedly more costly, conference is, but truthfully, attending NMX gives you the blogger, the professional, the vlogger, the podcaster (whatever you are) the opportunity to hone your skills and glean new and actionable information to apply in building your personal brand.

New Media Expo - Blog World Expo Session

Amazing Information Sessions are a Key Reason for Attending

Sessions I’m most excited about

The schedule is up and I’ve been perusing the selections over the last few days!  I’m a huge proponent of continued learning, so I’ve made vlogging my focus for learning at future conferences.  Personal branding is something I have always been interested in, so I’m also looking to expand my knowledge base on that account as well.  New Media Expo presents me with the perfect time to expand my horizons along a broad variety of subjects and never leaves me bored.

This year, I’m very much looking forward to attending the Women in New Media session with Jenn Page.  As a mom to up and coming young women in new media, I am excited to learn more about these foremothers of new media history.

I’m also looking into starting an affiliate site that my girls and I could work on together, so the affiliate marketing focused sessions, like this one with Missy Ward and Shawn Collins,  are of particular interest to me.  Their session looks like it offers  great introduction to the hows and whys of affiliate blogging.

As I mentioned earlier, I’m going to start focusing more on video content in 2015, so any session focused on how I should be extending the use of my media creations across several platforms is a good place for me to spend my time.  In an effort to best serve clients through FeedBlitz, I’m also looking forward to attending Heather Solo’s Best Practices for Blog List Building session and many of the podcasting sessions, of which there are several to choose from.

Since I’m a story teller by trade, I think hearing Ekaterina Walter give tips on “how to use visuals to spark engagement and inspire brand advocacy and word of mouth,” would be incredibly beneficial.  Much of the world today learns primarily visually and infographics are a hot commodity right now, both in blogs and in marketing.  Kelby’s session on optimizing my Pinterest account is also a must, as is Rich Brooks’ session on Twitter Marketing in the new age.

Get a look at the whole schedule here: NMX Schedule

And I won’t lie, I’m really looking forward to filling my brain with good stuff in the company of my friends, some of the smartest people in the biz.  The friendly community filled with brilliant people is one of the biggest draws for me concerning this conference.  The location is great, I mean…who doesn’t love Vegas?  But the BIG thing, aside from all the learning, is the time I get to spend with smart people talking about smart things – stretching my brain and beliefs – in a focused atmosphere.

NMX Twitter Party

Join New Media Expo and Type-A Parent (and ME!) for a conference tips and tricks chat on Wednesday, March 18 at noon EST. During the chat, Type-A Parent will also give away one free pass to attend New Media Expo next month in Las Vegas (value $497).

If you’re headed to Vegas for NMX next month, drop me a line on Twitter and let’s make sure we meet up for coffee or tea!

NMX Discont Code

If you haven’t already picked up your ticket, don’t worry you still have time and you’re in luck because I’ve got a discount code just for you. When you buy your pass, just use the code: ahenson20 to receive a discount on your pass!  How cool is that?  Pre-tty cool, if you ask me.


See y'all later!

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