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5 Unexpected Lessons I’ve Learned Through Breast Cancer Treatment

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Skip the freezing spray when they plug in your port. For me, the spray was more painful than the plug in itself.  After a couple of weeks you barely feel it – I know in the beginning it doesn’t feel that way, but truly, you do “get used to it” – ya know about as much as you can get used to chemo.

When your hair first starts falling out, that shit hurts. Think of the weird pain you have after taking your hair down from a tight ponytail…that’s pretty much how it feels anytime your even moves during this time. See my post ALL ABOUT THE HAIR.  It does get better though and I hear if you shave it, it hurts a lot less.  I couldn’t do this due to the psoriasis plaque on my scalp.

Being bald in the fall is fabulous.  The way the air feels when it sweeps over your scalp is incredible and freeing in its own way. Sometimes I even liked to kind of stick my head out of the car window when I was by myself…I imagine I looked a bit like a pup experiencing the wonder that is air flow.

Word loss had caused me to slow down and really think about what I want to say. It’s been great for almost keeping my foot out of my mouth several times.

Radiation is not easier than chemo.  It is not always the easy part.  I burned far worse than I ever imagined I would and the burn moved across my chest with time, causing my skin to peel off like rats fleeing a sinking ship.  Aside from the radiation burns, I was exhausted and more nauseous during these 6 weeks than through all of the weeks of chemo.

I feel pretty certain I’ll think of more of these lessons in the coming weeks, as I process the past 9 months…but for now, almost a full month post radiation, these are these things that stick out the most.

See y'all later!

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