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Finding her place in the world

We all long for our children to find their “people” – you know the ones – the group of kids they can laugh with, share inside jokes with, and who will pick them up when they’ve had a bad day.  It wasn’t long ago, I was lamenting the space my eldest girl was in. She was clearly unhappy, feeling like she didn’t belong, and doubting her awesomeness. Now, there’s nothing wrong with the group of peers she was hanging with at the time, she just didn’t fit in as snugly as I would have liked.

My Ellie is bright, quirky, and has a sense of humor that doesn’t stop…and isn’t for everyone. When she was younger, we used to Friendshippractice speaking with her feet on the ground – when excited, the girl positively levitates. She has a sparkling personality that some may find a bit overwhelming and lawsy, my girl does have the comebacks. I realize I see my girls through the benefit of rose-colored glasses, but they are mine and I’ll not have it another way.

After her best friend moved out of town, my Ellie has been struggling to find her place among her peers. To find people who will laugh at her jokes without rolling their eyes, who share her love of books, and who push her to be better. Today, she came home from an academic match bursting at the seams, overjoyed with the feeling of belonging. They have inside jokes, they get each other, and most of all…she is comfortable being herself around them.

I cannot tell you the relief I felt. Not that I ever truly feared she wouldn’t find a group she could belong to, but I worry nonetheless. Middle school is a hard time, high school harder, and it could only benefit her to have a tight knit group of friends that she can lean on. I did not find my people until adulthood. I do not want her to have to wait and search for as long as I did. As it is, I am truly blessed to have found my friends.  They have held me up and helped me to stand tall through some of life’s most horrific trials.

What I want most of all for both of my girls is for them to find acceptance and a safe place to be themselves.  I am thrilled she is finding her place in the small world her life revolves around at this time.

How old where you when you found your place and your people?

See y'all later!

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