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Amanda is a southern belle caffeine addict who spends her tiny amount of free time writing here.

The way you treat people says more about you than your words do

You can learn more about a person by observing the way they treat others than you can in an hour-long one-to-one conversation. This is true both in personal and professional relationships. The way a person treats a stranger, particularly someone in the service industry, is highly indicative of the way they will treat you as a friend, loved one, employee, ... Read More »

Finding her place in the world

We all long for our children to find their “people” – you know the ones – the group of kids they can laugh with, share inside jokes with, and who will pick them up when they’ve had a bad day.  It wasn’t long ago, I was lamenting the space my eldest girl was in. She was clearly unhappy, feeling like ... Read More »

5 Unexpected Lessons I’ve Learned Through Breast Cancer Treatment

Skip the freezing spray when they plug in your port. For me, the spray was more painful than the plug in itself.  After a couple of weeks you barely feel it – I know in the beginning it doesn’t feel that way, but truly, you do “get used to it” – ya know about as much as you can get ... Read More »

Take Your Brand to the Next Level at NMX & Pass Discount Code #NMX

Long considered one of THE conferences for the “professionals” in the digital marketing space, I’m here to tell you NMX is the best place for newbs and veterans to come together for collaboration and learning.  Set under the lights on the United States’ playground, Las Vegas, NMX takes place April 13 – 16, 2015 and is set to blow all of ... Read More »

7 Truths I’ve Learned from Losing my Hair to Cancer

Holy crap, losing my hair has been hard, even though we’ve now reached the point where my sense of humor about all of this has returned and I’ve started joking (and writing) about the loss.  With the loss has also come a dawning of personal reflection, laughter, and some important lessons.  Since I’m a pretty public person, much of this ... Read More »

Catching up on Cancer…

First of all, let me just say again how amazed and moved I am by all of the love this amazing community has shown me.  I am staying positive and upbeat about the entire process, if just a little impatient to get things started, and a lot of that is due to the messages of support I receive from my ... Read More »

Hurry up and wait…meeting with the surgeon

I have a confession.  For those of you keeping tabs, last Friday, I met with a highly recommended surgeon to discuss what options we have for treatment. After finding out that I would need to wait a bit longer than I would have preferred, an hour and a half to be exact, I took to Facebook to vent my frustration. ... Read More »

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