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Amanda is a southern belle caffeine addict who spends her tiny amount of free time writing here.

Made Breathless Twice in Less than 24 Hours

It’s true what “they” (who are they anyway, has anyone figured it out?) say about how your life changes in seconds and how the diagnosis of cancer can leave you breathless.  What “they” fail to mention is that the response and outpouring of love that you receive after a diagnosis like this will also leave you breathless. Tomorrow I will ... Read More »

Because life isn’t fair, Amanda.

Disclaimer: I’m writing this Wednesday night after little sleep, overwrought emotions, and little focus.  But I feel the need to get this out. Please bear with me. Saturday night, after a fantastic date night with Jon and an Everclear concert that was just what I needed, I found a lump in my right breast.  Nothing will ever be the same.  ... Read More »

14 Days of Love

Since Valentine’s Day is mine and Jon’s anniversary, I try to be really intentional about making the day special for K & K.  Rather than simply giving them regular cards & gifts, this year I decided to leave a valentine on their door every night leading up to Valentine’s Day with one thing we love about them. It was such ... Read More »

Adventures in Dish Soap Making – 1st Try

In my ever evolving quest to being more domestic and environmentally responsible, I’ve recently decided to start making as many of our cleaning products at home.  I already use mostly green products (ie. white vinegar, baking soda, washing soda) to clean our house since the girls were so sensitive when they were younger, but I’ve always dished out the extra ... Read More »

I’m going back to school…again

I’m a perpetual student. It’s just part of who I am, I guess. In 2012 I finished my Associates of Arts in Business and in 2013 I participated in several social media courses to fine tune my digital marketing skills – 2014 will be no different. While I am not currently enrolled in a standard college curriculum investing several thousands (more) in ... Read More »

Couple’s Date – Natural Bridge, Kentucky

One of the keys to keeping a relationship fresh and connected is to make date night a priority.  I know you’ve heard it a million times.  Well, this makes one million and one.  You and your mate need time to reconnect.  I know Jon and I sure as hell do.  We need time to reconnect on a level that isn’t ... Read More »

Happy New Year! It’s 2014!

It’s 2014. Here we are. We are here. We celebrated with gingerbread house building, Scooby Doo watching, and popcorn munching. Our countdown consisted of an app I installed just 40 minutes before midnight and the girls spent the last few minutes of 2013 piled atop their mama. I am reminded this early morning of the blessings in my life. I ... Read More »

Charleston in Photos

We’ve been home from Charleston for almost a week and we’re ready to go back…and I’m ready to share a bit more about our trip, but I figured it would be easier to do through photo this time. While staying in Charleston’s newest hotel located in the historic district, The Holiday Inn Historic and enjoying the southern hospitality, the girls and I were ... Read More »

Fall in the HC

One of the most beautiful times to live in Kentucky is when the leaf change hits its peak and the farms & fields are awash in the colors of fall. Today we stopped, enjoyed what Mother Nature was offering, and talked about how different life was when that bridge was still in operation.  Read More »

Disgusting. Or Why do we always remember the bad?

Just a couple of weeks ago I was holed up with some of my closest friends and trusted colleagues at the 5th Annual Type-A Conference, over the course of several days I aided in ensuring that 500+ men and women bloggers were able to learn from the best in our field.  I had many soulful and empowering conversations with new ... Read More »

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