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Amanda is a southern belle caffeine addict who spends her tiny amount of free time writing here.

Fall Break in Charleston

Today the girls and I arrived in heaven.  Well, the Southern equivalent.  Seriously. Charleston is a Southern Girl’s Mecca. Close your eyes.  Go on…I’m gonna wait until you do it. … …. Okay now, imagine Southern charm, gorgeous historic buildings, melt in your mouth Southern delicacies (like huge homemade cupcakes), and your favorite small people. (Hey! How did you read ... Read More »

Check-Check | One – Two

Is thing on? It’s me, Amanda. I’m kind of what you might refer to as the blogger formally known as High Impact Mom and this is my new playground, my new battle field, soapbox, and home.  While I do plan to start blogging at HIM again soon, I hope this will serve as a safe place for me (and you) to ... Read More »

The moments we miss

You know, today I took my girls to another Open House at Cburg … but it wasn’t just another Open House.  Because despite the semi-sweet smell of  the new Kindergarten parents – all sweaty and eager to make the best first impression possible(no judging, I was there last year) – and the shine of the freshly painted & waxed floors ... Read More »

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