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The way you treat people says more about you than your words do

You can learn more about a person by observing the way they treat others than you can in an hour-long one-to-one conversation. This is true both in personal and professional relationships. The way a person treats a stranger, particularly someone in the service industry, is highly indicative of the way they will treat you as a friend, loved one, employee, ... Read More »

Couple’s Date – Natural Bridge, Kentucky

One of the keys to keeping a relationship fresh and connected is to make date night a priority.  I know you’ve heard it a million times.  Well, this makes one million and one.  You and your mate need time to reconnect.  I know Jon and I sure as hell do.  We need time to reconnect on a level that isn’t ... Read More »

Charleston in Photos

We’ve been home from Charleston for almost a week and we’re ready to go back…and I’m ready to share a bit more about our trip, but I figured it would be easier to do through photo this time. While staying in Charleston’s newest hotel located in the historic district, The Holiday Inn Historic and enjoying the southern hospitality, the girls and I were ... Read More »

Fall in the HC

One of the most beautiful times to live in Kentucky is when the leaf change hits its peak and the farms & fields are awash in the colors of fall. Today we stopped, enjoyed what Mother Nature was offering, and talked about how different life was when that bridge was still in operation.  Read More »

Fall Break in Charleston

Today the girls and I arrived in heaven.  Well, the Southern equivalent.  Seriously. Charleston is a Southern Girl’s Mecca. Close your eyes.  Go on…I’m gonna wait until you do it. … …. Okay now, imagine Southern charm, gorgeous historic buildings, melt in your mouth Southern delicacies (like huge homemade cupcakes), and your favorite small people. (Hey! How did you read ... Read More »

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